The Rendaku Database

The latest version, v4.0, published 23 April 2020, is a new iteration containing not only additions and corrections to v3.3, but also data from Tanaka’s Japanese surname corpus.

1. The Rendaku Database is an Excel file and utilizes conditional formatting. If you have an old version of Excel you will still be able to open the file and manipulate the data, although you may not have conditional formatting functionality.
2. The Rendaku Database may contain errors. Please do contact me if you find any.
3. If you use this file for research purposes, please reference it as “Irwin, Mark; Miyashita, Mizuki; Russell, Kerri & Tanaka, Yu 2020 (or Irwin, Miyashita, Russell & Tanaka 2020). The Rendaku Database v4.0.”
4. If you would like to volunteer to help on the database, please contact me. Japanese native speakers are desperately needed!
5. The Rendaku Database was begun as part of the NINJAL ‘The Japanese Lexicon: A Rendaku Encylopaedia’ Project. The authors would like to express their thanks for all assistance received, financial and otherwise.